Visa 462 for China

From 21st September 2015, a new country has joined 462 visa programm – China.

This addition to the 462 visa program increases strength between the counties. It is part of CHAFTA trade agreement. The visa will allow young, educated Chinese people to travel to Australia for a holiday, and will allow them also to work while in Australia. The 462 visa’s goal is to facilitate cultural exchange between Australia and China.

Visa Requirements

The visa is nothing new, as there are already few countries signed into this bilateral agreement:

• Argentina
• Bangladesh
• Chile
• People’s Republic of China
• Indonesia
• Malaysia
• Poland
• Portugal
• Spain
• Thailand
• Turkey
• Uruguay

China is now the next one on the list of countries supported by the 462 visa subclass. The requirements for the 462 visa are:

  1. Are at least 18 but have not turned 31 years of age at the time you lodge your application
  2. Will not be with a dependent child while you are in Australia
  3. Have enough money to support yourself on a working holiday (about AUD 5000)
  4. Have enough money to buy a return or onward travel ticket at the end of your stay
  5. Have not previously entered Australia on a Work and Holiday visa (subclass 462) or a Working Holiday visa (subclass 417)
  6. Meet the educational requirements
  7. Have functional English
  8. Have a letter of support from your government (except applicants from the USA and the People’s Republic of China)
  9. Meet character and health requirements
  10. Are a genuine visitor.

Usually, a letter of support from local government is required to support the  application, but applicants from China do not require this document.

At the beginning 1500 visas are allocated for China under the 462 subclass, capped at 5000 for 2015-2016. Upon the release of the visa on the 21st of September, there has been an overwhelming response within China, with the initial tranche of visas snapped up within minutes.

This rapid expenditure of available visas is similar to other countries that were included within the 462 visa subclass. The most recent country to be added prior to China was Spain did not see a similar result with only 22 applications being submitted out of a total 500 allocated. The current visa allocations for all countries supported by the 462 visa subclass can be seen below;

Commencement Date Country/Region 462 visa Cap
1st August 2005 Thailand 500
1st March 2006 Chile 1500
31st March 2007 Turkey 100
31st October 2007 USA N/A
1st February 2012 Malaysia 100
1st July 2009 Indonesia 1000
31st December 2010 Bangladesh 100
29 February 2012 Argentina 500
1st April 2013 Uruguay 200
1st August 2014 Poland 200
23rd November 2014 Portugal 200
23rd November 2014 Spain 500
21st September 2015 China 5000

The addition of China to the work and holiday visa program will no doubt see high use of the program by Chinese nationals. Highlighting the fact that China is the largest source country for visitors to Australia, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Peter Dutton also announced that in 2016, “we will also commence a trial of 10 year visitor visas, a premium fast-track service and Chinese language support for online visas”.

Visa 462 for China
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