Sponsoring Employees from Overseas

Sponsoring Employees from OverseasWith the growing demand for skilled workers, employers are increasingly looking overseas for staff. The Subclass 457 Temporary Business (Long Stay) Visa is one of the ways in which Australian or overseas businesses are able to sponsor employees from overseas to fill full-time positions in Australia. The visa can be granted for up to 4 years.

The application consists of 3 parts:

1. Sponsorship

In order to be approved as a sponsoring business by the Department if Immigration (DIMIA) employers are required to demonstrate their business:

  • is a lawfully and actively operating business;
  • will be the direct employer of the temporary business entrant;
  • has a good business record and abides by immigration laws;
  • will bring benefit to Australia through the employment of the temporary resident
  • will advance skills through technology or training.

2. Nomination

The employer must then apply for permission to sponsor an overseas resident to fill certain nominated position(s).

This requires that:

  • The position is in an occupation on the Department’s of Immigration list of approved occupations.
  • The applicant is to be paid a base salary plus superannuation (base salary is changing from time to time, hence it is the best to check the value on Department’s site)

3. Visa Application

This involves providing evidence that:

  • The employee has the required skills and qualifications to fill the position.
  • The employee meets the health requirements for the visa.
  • The employee meets English requirements for the visa

Sponsoring an employee from overseas is a relatively straightforward way of helping your business grow and develop. We have successfully lodged many applications on behalf of varied businesses and companies of different sizes.

Should you require assistance, consider engaging a Migration Agent,  and do not hesitate to contact us or book an appointment.

Sponsoring Employees from Overseas
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