Skilled Migration visa for University Graduates

All the best to everyone who finished their exams recently, let your results will exceed your expectations.

What are the 5 key issues in order make a successful application for skilled migration to Australia?


English is one of the most important factors in meeting the skilled migration pass mark, furthermore is required sometimes by skills assessing authorities.

Unless you are lucky a passport holder from the UK, Canada, US, Ireland or New Zealand, you’ll need to sit an English test.

The IELTS, Pearson, OET, Cambridge Academic and TOEFL are all now accepted by Department of Immigration, but not necessarily by skills assessment bodies.

English test results for migration purposes are valid for 3 years. You should start preparing early for English test if you didn’t do so yet to avoid disappointment and stress!

University Documents

visa-for-university-graduatesTo apply for skilled migration, there is no need to wait for your graduation. As soon as you have your final results, you might apply – it is referred as your “completion date”.

You will have to get a letter of completion from your school. Final transcript or statement of marks will also be required. If you there are any exemptions in the completion of your course, you will also have to get an exemption letter stating which subjects you got exemptions for and if these were as a result of local or overseas study. This could be important to ascertain if you are eligible for additional points for “Australian Study”.

Skills assessment

You will have to have a positive skills assessment before you apply for general skilled migration.

For each occupation requirements are different, so you should ensure you’d understand all the requirements well ahead of time. You may also consider skills assessment in few different occupations, and it is possible to use qualifications gained overseas for skills assessment. It is always a good practice to ask a Migration Agent on the best pathway to use.

Skills assessment can take some time – 3 months or more, so you should start your skills assessment ASAP.

It could be a good idea to apply for a 485 Graduate visa which does not require skills assessment at lodgement (there is a 2 years Australian study requirement). It will some time for Department of immigration to decide this visa. By applying for it, you’ll get a bridging visa which will allow you more time to finalize skills assessment process and any other requirements for your skilled application.

2 years of study in Australia

For the 485 visa, or to claim points for Australian study, you’ll need to meet the “Australian Study” requirement. This means you will have to completed a course (or courses) for a duration of least 2 academic years of study in Australia.

Visit CRICOS website where you can check for how long your course(s) are registered. These curses must be registered in total for at least 92 weeks.

Academic exemptions for previous overseas study will reduce the calculated amount of study. It is possible from time to time to count previous study in Australia, but only if it resulted in credits which enabled you to complete your main course.

EOI Invitation through SkillSelect

In order to apply for Skilled Visa, you must first get an invitation through SkillSelect. Receiving an invitation can either be very fast or very slow – it depends on your occupation and points score. It is very important that you will have your strategy sorted right from the start, otherwise, you may not get an invitation at all.

Sadly, applying for an EOI will not give you a bridging visa. You will have to be invited by Department of Immigration and apply for your skilled visa before you will receive a bridging visa. Most students aren’t fortunate enough to have enough time to complete this process before their student visa expiry date and are applying for a 485 visa to extend their stay in Australia.


You have to think forward, to be successful in applying for Skilled Visa, be well organised and ensure to act quickly after completion of your course.

If you would need an assistance in coming up with a plan for your PR, consider booking an appointment with one of our Migration agents. They will check your options and will provide with recommended options and also will let you know what you need to do to give yourself the best possible chance to secure your Permanent Residency.

Skilled Migration visa for University Graduates
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