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Skilled migration is one of 2 main streams of permanent migration to Australia. In 2013/2014 Australian financial year 128,550 people were granted skilled visa as primary applicant and were allowed to bring their immediate family with them to Australia. For 2014/2015 demand was set to 129,200 skilled migrants. Planning levels are set by the government every year and the size and composition changes to meet economic and social needs of Australia. The migration programme size and composition changes over time. In 1993-94 there were mostly family migrants, in  recent years skilled migration became main stream of permanent migration to Australia.

The migration programme numbers are made up of the total amount of visas granted overseas, and the number of permanent residence approvals for migrants who came to Australia on temporary visas, and then applied to remain permanently.

There are various Permanent Visas available for skilled migration to Australia. Qualifying criteria vary and application process might differ for different skilled migration visas, but one thing in common is that you must possess relevant qualifications which are in demand in Australia and be fluent in English, unless you have a deep pocket to qualify for Business Innovation and Investment Programme.

Skilled migration to Australia visas are:

  • Employer Sponsored (ENS)
  • Skilled Independent
  • State and Territory Nominated
  • Skilled Regional
  • Distinguished Talent
  • Business Innovation and Investment Programme

Most of above visas are points based. Various points are being given for:

  • the age of main applicant at the time of visa application
  • English competency
  • education level
  • work experience
  • other

Before you’ll check the points, make sure your occupation is eligible, because having enough points will not be satisfactory if your occupation is not on the list.

Some of above visas might be provisional where you’d have to fulfill certain criteria, like living in regional area or nominated state for certain time, to avoid your visa being cancelled.

Please feel free to fill our Australian skilled visa eligibility form, should you wish for us to check whether your skills are in demand in Australia and you might be eligible for skilled migration to Australia.

Skilled migration to Australia. Permanent Visa stream.
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