Australian partner visa costPartner visa Australia. Cost?
How much would you have to pay to be granted with partner visa?
It depends. There are some fixed costs, which you would have to bear, but there are the other costs for partner visa which depends on your particular circumstances. If you are married with children and living together for a couple of years in the country where English is official language – it’s gonna be the cheapest option. If you are not living together, not being married and your relationship is rather recent, well there are still options for you, but the cost for partner visa might be higher. In general – partner visa to Australia, cost is as below (as of September 2015):

DIBP application fee $6865
Medicals $330*
Police check $100*
Other costs (printing, postage, translations, etc) $300*
Migration Agent’s fee $1500-$5000

* estimate partner visa australia cost

All the costs are in Australian Dollars (AUD). Partner visa application fee is fixed (valid for 26/04/2013), but the other costs may vary significantly. Translations are not necessary, if all original documents are in English. Medicals may cost less than 330AUD in some countries, the same with police check. Then there are additional costs – again it depends on volume of documents and cost of a postage.

If you are using Australian Migration Agent, his/her fees will have to be added to the above. Usually it is 2000 – 7000 AUD, dependent on complexity of the case. Our professional fees starts from 1500 AUD for partner visa.

Factors where you should consider using a Migration Agent are:

  • there are dependent children
  • you are being unlawful in Australia
  • you are being removed from Australia with 3 years ban period imposed
  • you were not living together
  • you are not married, with no children and you relationship is quite short
  • your partner visa application has been refused
  • you are on student visa, married with your partner, but still have to pay for your child’s school
  • there are the other circumstances where your relationship might be questioned

If you would like to know how much is your partner visa to Australia is gonna cost you, please do not hesitate to contact us or fill our FREE Australian partner visa eligibility assessment.

We are here to help. Australian Migration Agents Group.

What is the cost of partner visa to Australia?
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