There are many things to consider when moving to a new Country. Our Migration Checklist provides a guide to some of the things that you might like to think about before embarking on your new life in Australia. Although quite detailed this list is not exhaustive and you shall add your own critical points as appropriate.

Your Home

  • If you own your home, are you intending to sell or rent out?
  • Appoint real estate agent / rental agent.
  • Will you need a short term rental after you have sold your home?
  • If you are renting, give notice to your landlord.
  • If you are renting, make sure you recover your bond before you move to Australia.
  • Arrange for cancellation of telephone; electricity, gas and all other domestic services.
  • Deal with council rates and water rates.
  • Provide your family /friend / neighbour with a forwarding address and contact details
  • Arrange for your post to be forwarded to family /friend / neighbour
  • Cancel home and contents insurance

migration-australia-checklistYour home contents

  • Obtain quotes for packing and removals
  • Organise comprehensive freight insurance.
  • Pack your personal effects carefully in strong removal boxes
  • Label boxes carefully and keep an inventory of what is in each box
  • Pack your kettle, toaster and some crockery in the same box and make sure the box is clearly labelled – “Kettle and Toaster”.
  • Consider taking expensive jewellery with you in your hand luggage
  • If you have valuable paintings /china etc. Make sure that it is properly insured.
  • Check that your electrical appliances will work in Australia
  • Buy some universal adaptors (for plugs)
  • Check Australian quarantine regulations on import of certain goods.

Your car(s)

  • Are you taking your car to Australia?
  • If yes, organise transportation
  • If yes, check whether import tax will be payable
  • Check Australian quarantine regulations on import of motor vehicles
  • If no, sell car(s) and arrange alternative temporary transport
  • Check that your car(s) will meet with Australian Road Safety Standards

Your pets

  • Arrange transportation to Australia
  • Arrange required inoculations
  • Arrange quarantine
  • Arrange to visit your pets in quarantine
  • Obtain your pets medical records from your vet

You and your family

  • Make sure that you have had your Australian visas evidenced in your passports, unless specifically advised that this is not necessary
  • Make sure that your passports will not expire before your date of travel
  • Book flight tickets
  • Take enough medicines for at least three months and ensure that you have prescriptions or a letter of explanation from your doctor.
  • Children – take plenty of games, books and drawing pencils for the flight
  • Babies – ensure you have adequate nappies and feed for the flight
  • Notify your doctor that you are moving to Australia and ask him to forward medical records if required
  • If needed – organise pension transfers
  • If needed – obtain international tax advice before you move to Australia.
  • Close your bank / building society accounts or notify them that you are moving and provide a forwarding address
  • Hand in your notice at work
  • Notify the children’s schools
  • Notify the tax office

Before you fly

  • Check that you have your passports and keep them with you
  • Check what the weather is like in Australia and make sure you pack appropriately. It can be very cold here in the winter months!
  • Prepare a file containing the following:
    • Birth certificates
    • Marriage certificate
    • CV, qualifications and employment references
    • Medicals records
    • Dental Records
    • Children – most recent school reports
    • Children – vaccination records
    • Life insurance or other policies
    • Open an Australian bank account and transfer money into the account
  • Arrange transport to the airport
  • Organise temporary accommodation in Australia (for at least one week)
  • Organise a rental car and / or someone to collect you from the airport

When you arrive

  • Activate your Australian bank account
  • Chill out for a couple of days!
  • Find a longer term rental
  • Register with Medicare
  • Organise an Australian Tax File Number
  • Register with a GP (doctor)
  • Find schools for your children
  • Register with recruitment agencies
  • Look for jobs in local newspapers
  • Let your migration agent know that you have arrived safely


Migration Checklist
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