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It’s a good decision to use a Migration Agent Gold Coast assistance to help with your visa! We are glad you came here as with many years experience we have helped a lot of people with getting their visa to Australia granted, and we are in the position to help you as well.

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Migration Agent Gold Coast providing immigration assistance

migration agent gold coast consultationMigration Act states that anybody who is not a registered migration agent must not give immigration assistance. In the matter of fact even if a fee is not charged it is still the case. This law has been introduced to protect your interest. “Friends” tend to give an advice without knowing all the facts. Just don’t listen to them as migration law is changing all the time and what they had to do in the past to get their visa granted in the past, might be no longer actual. Our migration agents are accredited by the MARA with current liability insurance for a peace of your mind.

You may get surprised, that whoever who is not an immigration agent and is giving immigration assistance might be convicted. It is an offence of ‘strict liability’. That means it does not have to be proven that a person intended to commit the offence, just by doing the act is itself enough for a conviction.

Australia’s migration laws are pretty complicated and difficult to apply in practice, hence,  you should consider engaging Migration Agent’s assistance with your visa application.

Why should you choose Registered Migration Agent Gold Coast?

The main reason of the Migration Agent registration requirements in the Migration Act is to let the Office of the MARA to:

  • keep a public register of people who are registered.
  • be satisfied that migration agents have the adequate degree of knowledge to provide with immigration assistance.
  • be satisfied, a registered migration agent from Gold Coast or any other part of Australia is a fit and proper person to give immigration advice and is a person of integrity.

Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority found, that visa applicants and clients of unregistered migration agents are at risk of being given incomplete, incorrect, or misleading advice. Also, they admit that clients of unregistered migration agents do not have the benefit of consumer protection.

All Registered Migration Agents have to:

  • abide by the rules of Code of Conduct
  • must have current professional indemnity insurance

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gold coast aerial view

Why would you like to live in a Gold Coast

There are about 500,000 residents living in the Gold Coast. Millions of visitors come here each year, making it one of the most exciting communities in Australia. Gold Coast is part of the fastest growing city in Australia and tens of thousands of people relocate to the Coast every year from interstate and overseas.  It is the 6th largest city in the country and Australia’s largest non-capital city. It’s a wonderful place to live.

There is a wide variety of built and natural attractions in the Gold Coast, including:

  • over 70km of pristine beaches with water temperature of 22 degrees in average
  • Broadwater and few other major river systems
  • There is a lot of major shopping centres and numerous specialty shops, boutiques,  and markets
  • More than 500 restaurants are offering cuisine from all around the world
  • Nightlife entertainment – nightclubs, clubs, restaurants, hotels, Broadway musicals, Conrad Jupiters Casino ballet and theatre
  • Theme parks – Warner Bros Movie World, Dreamworld, Wet ‘n’ Wild, Sea World, as well as many wildlife parks such as Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Tropical rainforest hosting abundant wildlife and numerous bush walks
  • World-class recreational and sporting facilities
  • A huge range of various accommodation from camping grounds to five-star international resorts

to mention just a few. What are you waiting for? Call us on 07 3668 0658, contact us, or book a consultation online.

Migration Agent Gold Coast
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