Migration AgentA lot of people are interested how they can migrate to Australia. Search engines may give you a complicated list and a lot of confusing and very often outdated information.Today our migration agent is sharing with you the information how to increase your chances of migrating to Australia.

The most popular way to migrate to Australia is through the General Skilled Migration program. This program selects the highly skilled individuals in certain professions from other parts of the world. The program also attains to pick the individuals who have more potential to contribute to the Australian economy. Although it is a good practice to use an assistance of migration agent, it is not compulsory, and there are people who dare to challenge the system and go through the whole process by themselves. Very often they end asking migration agent for help being challenged by the department of immigration or assessing body.

The basic requirements must be met in order to consider migration to Australia. Candidates must be under fifty (50) years of age, excellent with the English language having an IELTS result of six (6) in all bands unless they are from the UK, USA, NZ, Canada or Ireland. Positive skills assessment result in a chosen occupation on the skilled occupation list is also necessary.

The common jobs which are constantly in demand are accountants, doctors, engineers, lawyers, IT professionals, nurses, teachers and scientists. A bachelor’s degree and at least three years of work experience in any of these specialisations increase the candidate’s chances to migrate to Australia. Excellent health condition and have no criminal records are some of the requirements by default, however, on certain instances, health condition and criminal offences which are not substantial could be omitted, but that’s something that only migration agent may assess.

Family members can also be included in the general skilled migration application. This is normally limited to one’s immediate family meaning spouse and children under eighteen (18) years old. In certain instances, immigration of over eighteen (18) years old dependent relatives are also allowed wherein the person is established to be dependent on the primary applicant.

Adherence to the basics is essential before proceeding with all other paper works.
The countries where skilled migrants usually come from are the United Kingdom, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of India, the Republic of Ireland, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, South Korea, Vietnam and South Africa. The majority of migrants are coming from these countries, but in the matter of fact, people from all countries around the world call Australia theirs new home. Nationalities of all of these countries can expect upon arrival to Australia that there are communities where they can easily fit in. People who have formerly migrated Australia has established a bond with all other migrants in becoming a source of support with each other and the newly arrived migrants.

Settling in Australia for the first time may be a bit of adjustment. Australia has the legal and political system that caters to people from different walks of life. Diversity and acceptance are very well cemented in the Australian legal system and its government’s policy of multiculturalism.
Be guided and have smart decisions.

Are you planning to migrate to Australia? You should start with obtaining a migration assessment prepared by a registered migration agent of MARA. Please consider filling our Australian visa assessment and we’ll get back to you with the outcome.

General Skilled Migration Program Key to Migration to Australia
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