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Are you living in Brisbane and have decided to ask a migration agent for assistance with your visa?  I do believe you are aware that you’d have to use a MARA registered migration agent, right?

There are few things you’d have to take into consideration before choosing a migration agent in Brisbane. Ask yourself:

  • What kind of assistance do you require? Just an advice because you’re not certain what kind of visa is right for you or full assessment, visa lodgement and follow up with DIBP. No matter if you need just to talk about your visa situation or need full visa service we are here in Brisbane to assist.
  • Does the migration agent have the right experience to assist you? Rest assured our migration agents have many years experience and have helped with many visa grants.
  • Does migration agent speak your language? This could become handy when English is your second language. Apart from English, our immigration agents speak also Polish.
  • Does a migration agent understand your needs? We know it is not only about a visa, it’s about your life. Migration itself is stressfull enough and visa process is making it more difficult. We do understand that – we are migrants ourselves. Let us take care of your visa, because that’s what we do best and we’ll let you take care of the other things in your life.

migration agent brisbane shaking clients handDo you really have to use a registered migration agent to manage your application. The simple answer is yes – you should. Do you want to do it right at the first time? Sometimes one word in right place in your application matters. Call us today on 07 3668 0658, contact us, or book a consultation online.

If you don’t feel comfortable calling us, you may consider posting your question through Ask An Agent form.

Do I need to use migration agent Brisbane?

It is all up to your individual circumstances and how you feel about the application process, and also the complexity of your case.

When it comes to using an Australian migration agent or not the main benefit is that they are familiar with Australia’s migration laws and regulations. Immigration Agents  assist with applications on a daily basis, which means they are aware of all potential risks and can see an error in your application straight away.

A MARA registered agent will provide support from start to finish if necessary. We will do everything in our power to make sure your application will be a success by checking all the documents and lodging the application to the department of Immigration on your behalf.

You will not have to spend many hours researching your visa possibilities because immigration agent will do all of that for you.

Your migration agent from Brisbane will guide you through the whole process from the skill assessment to IELTS and everything in between.

Did you know, that by the law registered agents have to stay up-to-date with changes in visa legislation. Those who applied for 457 visa recently may know, that many changes were introduced impacting employers and applicants. Occupation shortage lists can also be amended overnight, meaning that the next morning you may not be eligible for a visa which you’d be ale to apply for the day before.

You agent will stay abreast of all of these changes so you don’t have to.

Unlike some other companies we are clear about our fees and payment structure. Follow the link to check migration agent fees.

Migration agent Brisbane will do it right at the first time for you.

Imagine – you will make a crucial error in your visa application.  It could not only be rejected, but you will also lose thousands of dollars. In most cases application fee is non-refundable.

If your visa application has been rejected, it could be a big issue. Not just because of cost, but also from an emotional and psychological side of things. The process is stressful enough, without going through it twice. There is no doubt that engaging an Australian migration agent Brisbane should keep your emotional health in order.

Depending on  visa type you are applying for and also the complexity of your application, the whole visa process can be extremely daunting. Many people do not realise what is involved or how much work does it take to prepare an application. There is no doubt, the visa process is less stressful if you have a migration agent on your side.


Call us today on 07 3668 0658, contact us, or book a consultation online.

That’s where our office is (please make sure to let us know you’re comig so we’ll be there waiting for you):


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Nowak Migration

Level 9, 1 Corporate Ct
Bundall, Queensland 4217
Phone: +61 07 5606 7487
Email: info@nowakmigration.com.au

Why migrate to Brisbane?

brisbane south bank parklands poolBrisbane being a capital of Queensland, is a cosmopolitan and lively city. Brisbane is home to different types of scenery. There are skyscrapers, parklands and even an artificial beach in the centre of the city suburb called South Bank.

Brisbane is a river city surrounded by hills and full of bridges. There is a number of local attractions as well as in the neighbouring Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Many Theatres including the Lyric Theatre, Cremorne Theatre and the Playhouse Theatre are giving the opportunity to get a cultural experience. The centre also houses a Concert Hall.

South Bank is very popular for its relaxed parkland and man-made beach area. Many couples during the evening explore the area for romantic walks.

The suburb of Fortitude Valley is another place that is very popular, especially among young people. It is home to the Chinatown, fabulous restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Keep in mind it’s not a place for those who like peace and quiet.

In its early days, city grew together with agricultural and mining industries, until it developed into the cultural city that it is today. Brisbane is the third largest city in Australia with about 1.6 million inhabitants.

Wonderful tracks along the river makes Brisbane a great place to cycle. You can always get on a bus or the City Cat if you get tired along the way (avoid rush hour – you will not be allowed on with a bike).

Brisbane has plenty of things to offer. Some activities and tours are:

  • adventure sailing,
  • kite surfing,
  • hot air ballooning,
  • rock climbing,
  • climbing the Brisbane Story Bridge.

Just to mention a few

For tourists, there are plenty accommodation options available, including hostels, motels, hotels, and bed and breakfasts. Most of the accommodation and restaurants may be found in the inner suburbs like:

  • East Brisbane,
  • Fortitude Valley,
  • New Farm,
  • Paddington,
  • Petrie Terrace,
  • West End,

however finding a place to stay in another suburbs does not pose a big problem at all.

The majority of the hostels can be found in

Many hotels are situated around Gregory Terrace, Main Street and Wickham Street. The main transit centre can be found on Roma Street, there is also a large mall on Queen Street.

Migration agent Brisbane
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