family migration to australiaFamily migration to Australia is 2nd of 2 main streams of permanent migration. In 2013/2014 Australian financial year 60,885 people were granted with family type visa. Planning levels are set by the government every year and the size and composition changes to meet social needs of Australia. As the amount of visas is capped every year, that could be one of the factors why sometimes applicants have to wait for longer periods of time to get their visa granted, despite application is complete.

The migration programme numbers are made up of the total amount of visas granted overseas, and the number of permanent residence approvals for migrants who came to Australia on temporary visas, and then applied to remain permanently.

Vast majority of these were Partner visas.

Family stream consists of various Permanent Visas based of the eligibility of family member for which the visa is sought. Qualifying criteria for family migration to Australia visa may vary and application process might differ, but one thing in common is that you must must be a member of immediate family unit. English competency is not paramount for this permanent visa stream.

Family migration to Australia visas are:

  • Partner
  • Child
  • Other family
  • Parent

Partner visas is the are vast majority group of visas granted in family migration category.

Some of above visas might be provisional where you’d have to fulfill certain criteria, like living in spousal relationship for certain time, before your 2nd stage permanent visa would be granted.

Please feel free to fill our Partner Visa eligibility form, should you wish for us to check whether your relationship might be satisfactory for Partner Visa grant.

Family migration to Australia. Permanent visa stream.
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