From 17 March 2017 there is a new legislation for evidence of financial capacity for student visas. financial capacity coins

The most important is that a student visa applicant must show to the case officer that they have enough funds to cover:

  1. travel expenses
  2. living costs for 12 months if course duration is 12 months or more, or pro-rata if less than 12 months:
    1. for a student—$19,830 AUD;
    2. for a student guardian—$19,830 AUD;
    3. for a spouse or de facto partner—$6,940 AUD;
    4. for a dependent child—$2,970 AUD;
  3. course fees for a whole duration if the course is less than 12 months, or first 12 months if longer

The following financial evidence for Australian student visa might be taken into consideration by a case officer:

  1. money deposit with a financial institution;
  2. a loan with a financial institution;
  3. government loans;
  4. scholarship or financial support.

That’s what new legislation says. In the matter of fact whether case officer will be strict or not may depend on many different factors such as:

  • country of your passport
  • type of school
  • your family composition
  • your age
  • which course you’re going to attend
  • and so on…

… and there could be some other options to satisfy financial capacity requirement. Contact us if you’d like a migration agent to have a look at your case.

Financial evidence for australian student visa
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