Changes to CSOL list 2013

Occupations on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) from 1 July 2013

You must nominate an occupation from the CSOL if you are nominated by a State or Territory Government, a direct entry stream Employer Nomination Scheme visa, a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) or a Training and Research Visa (Subclass 402)

Applicants who require a skills assessment as part of their visa application must contact a relevant assessing authority directly to obtain a skills assessment. The assessing authority will provide all necessary applications forms and associated information relating to the assessment.

There will be a charge by the assessing authorities for the assessment.

Summary of changes to CSOL Consolidated Skilled Occupation List

The following changes have been applied to the CSOL:

New occupations based upon the ANZSCO Review

ANZSCO Code Occupation
133612 Procurement Manager
251112 Nutritionist
271214 Intellectual Property Lawyer
272414 Archaeologist
311415 Hydrographer
361115 Kennel Hand
254425 Registered Nurse (Paediatric)

Occupation removed from the CSOL list 2013 following the ANZSCO Review

ANZSCO Code Occupation
234512 Anatomist or Physiologist

Occupations removed from the SOL but continue to be listed in the CSOL list 2013

ANZSCO Code Occupation
251511 Hospital Pharmacist
251513 Retail Pharmacist
323111 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)
323112 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)
323113 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)
Changes to CSOL list 2013
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