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Do you think that opportunities in your country are limited?  Are you considering working as an immigrant in another country to earn more for yourself and your family?  Choosing your destination takes more than the job opportunities available and the salary range.  If you will be moving to work, you should be able to sustain it in the long run to achieve your financial or career goals.

Why choose Australian Work?

Immigrants prefer to look for Australian work opportunities among other countries for various reasons. First, Australia boasts of having excellent value for money and a standard lifestyle which may be amongst the highest in the world. For a cost of living lower than that of UK and the United States, citizens are privileged to study in excellent universities, be given health care and comply with favourable tax systems.

Second, there is a low opportunity cost needed to avail such lifestyles. Housing rentals are affordable for immigrants in Australia, and public transport ant utilities are accessible, too. There are also various work programs enabling qualified immigrants to get a working visa and with a possibility of eventually applying for citizenship easily.

Australian Work Programs for Immigrants

The Australian government has different program opportunities for different types of immigrants. Skilled migrants are encouraged to work in Australia and be provided with Australian skilled independent visa under the Skilled Migration Program.  English-speaking migrants not more than 45 years old who are qualified with professional skills for employment, business skills and enough capital to invest are at an advantage.  Websites such as offer services on free skills assessment to test your eligibility for this.

Advise on Acquiring Australian Work Visas

There are three types of Australian work visas offered to immigrants in Australia: working holiday, skilled temporary residence and skilled permanent residence visas.  Australia’s Working Holiday Visa serves the holder 12 months to spend holiday while being employed at the same time.  Application for this type of visa is  made offshore.

Processing temporary and permanent work visas would need knowledge of immigration laws and it is important that our expert Migration Agent will assist you.  But for your advance reference, we are giving you some advice on some steps.

First, the Australian government would grant your Australian work visa only if your target job is on the approved occupation list.  There are many available websites with a list of job postings open for non-Australian citizens. Our website has connections with accredited Australian employers our Job Seekers section is updated regularly for sponsored jobs in Australia.

Australian Work. Opportunities for Immigrants
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