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Australian Visa has different categories depending on the purpose and desired duration of stay.

There are Australian Visa assessments available  online to help you determine which Visa suits your needs and if you are eligible. This is your first step in making the application.  It is best that a Migration Agent assist you in this process, but for advance reference, here are types of Visa Australian which you may be considering.

Australian visa  for Business

Australia has a Business Visa Program to give settlement opportunities for investors and businessmen while holding new or existing business transaction in the country.  Provisional and Migrant Visas are two types of Visa Australian which may be issued for business purpose.  Business Visa holders are required to advise the government on their residential address within their stay.

The type of business to be done in Australia will also be screened.  The immigrant should be able to help Australian economy during business travel through creating and maintain employment, opening business connections with the international community, or exporting products from Australia. A business visa holder may apply for a permanent residency visa if he or she intends to stay beyond the initial stay allowed by the government.

Australian visa  for Permanent Residence

Permanent residency visa includes migrant, provisional and residence visas.  Your eligibility to any of these is assessed through basic entry requirements and point systems.  There are also areas you need to meet such as being able to show your qualification and work experience for your chosen occupation in Australia, age, English fluency, medical exams and good moral character.  It is best to ask Migration Agent to assist you throughout the assessment process to secure the right type of permanent residence visa.

Australian visa  for Retirement

This Visa Program allows sponsored visa applicants to retire and relocate in Australia in exchange of investing in the country.  The visa is issued for four years only but has indefinite renewal.

Australian visa  for Students

Australia has an open door for other nationalities to study.  Aside from the quality education they offer, students are also allowed to work for maximum of 40 hours fotnightly while studying at the same time.  Working more than the allowable hours may cause cancellation of the visa.

To obtain a Student Visa, it is a requirement that you are first enrolled in a full-time eligible educational institution.  Australian government also asks students to secure health insurance and undergo a health examination. The department of Immigration will also check if the student applying for a visa has enough funds to pay for the tuition fee and cover their cost of living.

Australian visa  for Holiday Visits

Other nationalities are allowed to visit Australia as tourists for three months.  There are is also a Work and Holiday visas which allows immigrants to apply for employment while staying as a tourist.

Australian Visa
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