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globe_connect_logoEmployment categories for Australia jobs are usually broken down into three: skilled workers, professional workers and vocational workers.  In Australia and other destination countries for immigrant employees, this classification is being applied as to what type of work visa will be provided to you.

Skilled workers usually have a minimum of two years training and experience as a skilled labourer.  This is enough time for them to master the craft of applying their knowledge of using tools to perform manual or mechanical function. In Australia jobs, skilled labourers are the most in demand especially in the mining, engineering and construction industries.

Professionals are considered to at least have a bachelor degree as a prerequisite for their job responsibilities. Those with less than two years of education training and experience are regarded as vocational workers and usually fill in temporary job responsibilities.

Australia Jobs in Need of Professional Immigrants

Among the three categories, we would like to focus on the need for professional immigrants to fill in Australia jobs in various industries. The demand may be not as high as skilled workers today, but the lifestyle and benefits offered in this employment category may be something lucrative for this group to consider in the long run.

A professional as part of the Australian labour market is expected to work on a full time basis for at least forty hours per week. The country has social welfare policies in place to benefit investors and workers including a public medical insurance through Medicare and superannuation, a mandatory fund for retirement which may be withdrawn in lump sum amounts by those who will eventually migrate to another country.

Medical Practitioners, Engineers and Trades Workers would rank the top three in demand Australia jobs. As there are more online posts discussing these three, we would like to focus on two other Australia jobs for professional workers not mentioned in these fields: IT and Education Practitioners.

Australia Jobs for Information Technology Practitioners

Australia forecasts employment growth coming from the sectors of the service industry which means there will be more demand for employment in the fields of finance, retail, health care and tourism. This is brought about by economic and technological developments in the country.

The Information Technology sector in Australia alone opens about 20,000 job vacancies for professionals.  Skills in demand by most companies are .Net developers, ERP Project and Program Managers, and SharePoint Developers.

Australia Jobs for Teachers

Australia’s Skilled Occupational List includes pre-school, primary and secondary teachers which mean that there is also a high demand for this profession. Teachers who are part of an Australian private school’s extensive global networks have more chance for immediate employment.  It is an advantage if your former teaching experience is in a university that is internationally recognized. Employment in public schools may need you to apply for local qualifications.  Consider this in your research prior to your applications and survey the landscape of Australia’s education system which may be different from your country of origin.

Australia jobs for professional workers
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