457 visas will be replaced with two new temporary skills visas.  They will be very different, according to PM. Firstly there will be a 2 year visa stream with a broader list of occupations reduced from the current list by over 200. This is a very substantial reduction in the list of skills that qualify for these visas. There’ll be a two-year visa and that will require as well a second visa for four years two years prior work experience (that is not the case at the moment) it will require in the case of the four-year visa a higher standard of English. It will require a full and proper police record a criminal check at which is not the case at the moment, it will require in in almost all cases mandatory labor market testing again a very significant change now these new visas will ensure that Australian businesses have access to the workers from overseas they need to fill real skill gaps. A full script below video. If you’d like to discuss your situation give us a call to  07 3668 0658 or contact us.

l good afternoon today we’re announcing that we’re abolishing the 457 visas we are ensuring that Australian jobs and Australian values our first a placed first Australia is the most successful multicultural society in the world we are truly an immigration nation today and in years past snowy mountains scheme built by a hundred thousand workers who came many of them from war shattered Europe so we have and we always will be an immigration nation but we must ensure that the foundation of that success is maintained and the foundation is that our migration system is seen to work in the national interest it seemed to deliver for Australians it seemed to ensure that Australian jobs are filled by Australians wherever possible and the foreign workers are brought into Australia in order to fill critical skill gaps and not brought in simply because an employer finds it easier to recruit a foreign worker than go to the trouble of hiring and Australia now the Labour Party of course consists consisted of Olympic champions in the issuance of 457 visa bill shorten the gold medal winner among them all during his time the number of 457 is increased by two-thirds during the last term of the Labour government and less than ten percent of that increase went to the mining sector so this wasn’t about the mining boom and the need to bring in new skilled workers these were people working as laborers working flipping burgers the fact is that Bill Shorten likes to talk about Australian jobs but whenever he’s had the opportunity in government to protect them he’s failed them so we’re bringing the 457 these a class to an end it’s lost its credibility we will replace it with two new temporary skills visas the minister will go into some more detail on them but they will be very different firstly there will be a 2 year visa stream with a broader list of occupations reduced i might say from the current list by over 200 so this is a very substantial reduction in the list of skills that qualify for these visas there’ll be a two-year visa and that will require as will a second visa for four years two years work experience prior work experience that is not the case at the moment it will require in the case of the four year visa a higher standard of English it will require a full a proper police record a criminal check at which is not the case at the moment it will require in in almost all cases in the majority of cases mandatory labor market testing again a very significant change now these new visas will ensure that Australian businesses have access to the workers from overseas they need to fill real skill gaps but not otherwise and that Australians wherever possible where jobs are vacancies are there with job opportunities are there Australians will be able to fill this is critically important believe me we should not underestimate either our success as a multicultural society all the fact that our success is built on a foundation of confidence by the Australian people that it is their government and their government alone that determines in the national interest who comes here and the terms on which they come and how long they stay now whether it is on Border Protection and Labour’s shameful record on on people-smuggling recall 50,000 unauthorized arrivals over 1,200 deaths at stats that see that was Labour’s record on the borders they failed to keep our border secure and they failed to manage a 457 system a temporary migration system in the national interest we’re changing that the 457 visa is abolished it will be replaced by a new system that will be manifestly rigorously resolutely conducted in the national interest to put Australians and Australian jobs first that’s our commitment Australian jobs Australian values Minister Prime Minister thank you very much I’ll just go into a little bit of detail but the abolition of the 457 visa program obviously is an attempt to clean up Labour’s mess labour presided over a policy which got out of control by their own admission and what we are doing is making some significant changes in abolishing the program but introducing a temporary skills shortage of visa to two streams what a short term on a medium term and by doing that we restore integrity to this visa program at the moment the existing 457 visa program is conducted for a period of four years but essentially it’s open-ended and it results in many cases in a migration outcome that is somebody going into permanent residency and becoming a citizen which is a significant part of the attractions are using the 457 visa what we propose is that under the temporary skills shortage visa short-term stream there will be a 2 year visa with the option of two years but there will not be a permanent residency outcome at the end of that in relation to the medium-term stream which is the prime minister pointed out is targeted at higher skills a much shorter skills list that will be for a period of four years can be applied for onshore or offshore and it’s a significant tightening of the land would show that program operates the other significant aspect is the work experience which doesn’t apply now and also some and added Arrangements in relation to market testing so at the moment quite an open process which doesn’t put any oness really in practical terms on the person applying for the 457 visa we significantly tighten up those arrangements as well this is about putting Australians first for Australian jobs and it is about making sure that we’re those jobs can’t be filled particularly in regional areas that there is the ability to bring in that oversees worker into that job that can’t be filled by an Australian worker so this is a significant announcement and are very pleased that the Prime Minister I’ve been working on this for some time and I think this would make a big difference to young Australians in particular who would have been bewildered by Bill shorten’s announcement at the time of the arrangement with McDonald’s and the other fast-food outlets the displaced young Australian work is out of work and put foreign workers into those jobs so it does make a big change and I think of a walking by Australian so for those people like that are here on a 457 visa at the moment so there’ll be a grandfathering arrangement they’ll continue under the conditions of that visa that went before you see they of the new one you thinking bringing into that people on that enabled to apply for permanent residency at the end of it and on both of the new classes of visa are you saying there are 200 fewer occupations of it applicable for them currently yes yes in the first pipe fell and the second answer is deter it’s reduced by 200 a number of classifications in the short term and it goes back even further so it’s even tighter for the medium term one and as I say that’s a four year as opposed to the prospect of permanent residency out of it and typically that might apply for example to close skilled health workers but certainly people of higher skills would be applying under that four-year or that medium term before year visa applied is under an 83 in Thailand and will the application fees remain the same things about a thousand sixty dollars at the moment for the applicant will that remain the same will that be increased so in relation to the advertising the advertising will be required whereas it’s not at the moment the fee is eleven hundred and fifty dollars for the I’ll just get the actual figure for you eleven hundred fifty dollars for the first short term category and the medium term is two thousand four hundred dollars the next four years and secondly have you run this past major employer group and what’s their reaction well let me deal with the numbers first and then Peter book an elaborate at the moment there are around 95,000 457 visa holders in Australia and that that’s the current figure of course as you know they were issued some of them are very long time ago as Peter said they’re issued in the first instance for four years and can be rolled over on shore so they often do end up as being a permanent migration outcome now where we are changing that so as you know the two year visa up to two years the short-term visa can be renewed for two years onshore and then the whole that would have to go off sure if they wanted to employ one of them to apply again and the four year visa is much more focused on long on strategic skill gaps that are more longer term these skills some so let me let me just go on the because we are narrowing significantly the number of occupations and we are increasing the qualifications that these are applicants need to have it is our expectation that all other things being equal you will see a material reduction over time of people working on these temporary visas but Michelle it depends upon all other things being equal and which they’re they’re not so it depends on the demands of the economy emerging skill gaps changes in the economy so it’s a the the fact is that the the migration program should only operate in our national interest this is all about Australia’s interest this is about jobs for Australians it’s about growing the Australian economy so that Australian families can realize their dreams that Australian businesses can invest and employ and get ahead that’s what it’s all about and so this rigorous focus this laser-like focus on our national interest will ensure that we’re skill gaps arise and can’t be fooled by Australians then foreign workers can come in but not otherwise Minister we shall just go to the second part of your question in relation to employer groups we have had some discussions with employer groups it comes off the back row member of the Javas RS review it was done to have a look at how this whole space and we’ve picked up many of the recommendations that he made in that review I’ll let the food speak for themselves but by and large is acceptance and welcoming of many components of what so what we’ve announced today please yes the unwillingness of young Australians particularly in areas of high unemployment to take the jobs that people on 457 are prepared to do MP to talk about job snobs in that case what are you doing up to what are you doing on on the SAT part of the equation is there a need to also make changes to the welfare system to force people to take those jobs but otherwise 457 visa holders it takes well can I say to you that the all of the the whole welfare system is designed to provide real incentives for employment in every respect sand and we have produced innovative measures like the path program you know the the prepare trial hire program it is a PDS a fundamental focus of all of our reforms in welfare to fulfill that great observation of John Howard’s of the best form of welfare as a job thanks it is saying that the tough talk in the decision to ban 457 is because of one nation’s rhetoric what’s your response to that this is a this is a decision of my government and you know it it is it’s a decision of the government and as Peter said it’s followed on from a very careful examination of many of these issues by John azorius this is a been a careful exercise in policy development and we’re announcing the conclusions today we have the next mining construction boom for resources companies to the outlet of quickly hire workers again or the game people get shortages well this is this is a very this is a product the new arrangements are focused on school shortages and skill gaps and of course if there was such as i said earlier and answer the question from michelle grattan if new economic circumstances changed and they will of course and new skill gaps or greater skill gaps emerge then this has the flexibility to meet that it’s a very responsive approach but the fundamental difference is that it is it is it is focused relentlessly on the national interest and on ensuring that temporary migration visas are not a passport for foreigners to take up jobs that could and should be filled by Australians Australian jobs for Australians first that’s the focus that’s what this will deliver fever the order so it was based solely on filling skill shortages so are you just changing the name well under the labors program so therefore 57 program existed two people in the employment categories for example of Potter’s of driving instructors of auctioneers even workplace relations advisors you might be surprised to hear so we’ve clamped down on that considerably and the whole focus here is as the prime minister says firstly to put Australians into jobs if there is a skill shortage and the job can’t be filled then we looked at what the purpose of the program was originally designed to do and that is provide that person for that job but the way in which it was used and abused by labour as the prime minister pointed out for meant that the number of 457 holders blew out to 110,000 when Bill Shorten was last in government and we have steadily reduced that down to 95,000 and we have in addition to the announcements today put in place extra measures which have already tightened up the use of 457 visas and if we need to do more we will that Kate okay just 14 it shouldn’t be the business because the labour market testing and check the market we need to get a full five Senate it should be an independent agency as it does that there you go to have that recommend that we r going to to work with the companies to make sure that they understand that they need to advertise they need to demonstrate it and they will or they’ll be in breach if they’re in breach they won’t be sponsoring then the next applicant or the next position that they need to be filled there’ll also be a particular focus on companies that have an unnecessarily high proportion of 457 or foreign workers in jobs as well so there’ll be a number of ways in which we can clamp down as I say we’ve already implemented some of that which has seen the numbers drop now down to sub 100,000 compared to 110,000 under labour

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