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Migration Agent is bound by a Code of Conduct and is required to have an in-depth knowledge of Australian migration law and procedure and meet high professional and ethical standards. You should ask yourself if you can afford not using qualified Migration Agent for one of the most important tasks of your life, which is immigration to Australia.

The Australian visa system can be tricky to navigate.  Everyone who is not an Australian citizen needs to have a valid visa to reside in Australia lawfully.  The migration law and regulations are changing often and it can be hard to know whether you are eligible for a visa to Australia or not. Australian Migration Agent can't guarantee visa grant, but definitely will help you gain a relevant to your circumstances visa to Australia.

No matter what your situation is or what kind of visa to Australia you are looking for, our Migration Agents can help you resolve your immigration status.  We can lead you through the whole process, from the very first steps until you and your families are granted with Australian Citizenship. Migration Laws are constantly changing. It is deemed migration regulations to be the most unstable kind of Australian law. Minor changes are happening every couple of weeks, major ones – at least once a year. There might be a case where one of your friends or family members have obtained a particular visa some time ago, and you are in a similar situation to what they were, therefore in your opinion you should get that visa as well. Well – very likely visa conditions have changed, or that visa might no longer be available. It is in your best interest to seek for independent advice before lodging an application and hire a professional Migration Agent to deal with the Department of Immigration on your behalf.

The most common situations where people are seeking our assistance are:

If you believe your skills might be sought in Australia, please submit out Australian Visa Eligibility Assessment for no cost following this link.

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any further questions.