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It's not a surprise skilled migration is dependent on an Australian economy, therefore migration laws are constantly changing to reflect needs of a local jobs market. Minor changes in migration regulations are happening every couple of weeks, major ones – at least once a year. This trend can be seen in changes to the CSOL list and state nominations. It might be difficult for you to ascertain whether you are eligible for a particular visa to Australia or not, therefore it is in your best interest to seek independent advice and hire a Registered Migration Agent before lodging your visa application to the Department of Immigration. Let's face the truth - a small mistake or lack of information in your visa application might be the cause of visa refusal, or significantly delay the whole visa process as case officer may ask you additional questions. Australian Migration Agent can't guarantee visa grant, but definitely will help you maximise your chances of success to gain a relevant to your circumstances visa to Australia.

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As you may have already noticed Australian visa system is tricky to navigate. Neither Department of Immigration or Australian Embassy is able to provide with immigration assistance and information on various forums and blogs is often outdated or misleading. Furthermore, it is your sole responsibility to know what kind of visa should you apply for, what kind of documents should be provided, to which immigration office in Australia or overseas, when and how (online or in a paper form).

No matter what is your situation or what kind of visa to Australia you are looking for, Registered Australian Migration Agent is the only person, who may help you resolve your immigration status. Should you require assistance contact us and we will lead you through the whole Australian visa process until you and your family will be granted with Australian Citizenship.

Are you in a relationship with Australian citizen or permanent resident?

If you are in relation with Australian citizen or permanent resident, you might be eligible for a visa to Australia based on your spousal relationship. Do you want us to check if you'd qualify for a spousal visa?

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Registered Australian Migration Agents are required to have an in-depth knowledge of Australian migration law and procedures to meet high professional and ethical standards. For your peace of mind, we are bound by a Code of Conduct and must be registered by the office of the MARA to provide with immigration assistance. You should ask yourself if you can afford not using qualified Australian Migration Agent for one of the most important tasks of your life, which is immigration to Australia.